While this answer varies depending on what state or country you’re in, we will discuss with you the state of Arizona’s requirements to inject neuromodulators and dermal fillers. The Arizona Board of Nursing (AZBN) has very clear guidelines on who can and cannot inject in the aesthetics industry, however it is very common to see unlicensed injectors on social media doing just that.

Arizona Botox Injector Qualifications

In Arizona, the advisory opinion statement is an amazing resource for anyone looking to break into the industry. Here the AZBN breaks down every procedure you can perform at what educational level. For example, if you are a Registered Nurse, you may inject Botox as long as you have a medical director. This document also states that estheticians may not inject Botox, so what would a consumer do if they had a complaint against an esthetician performing these services? The Cosmetology board regulates esthetician licenses so a complaint against an esthetician would have to be filed with that board. I would also recommend still filling a complaint with the Nursing board as that person is practicing medicine without a license and may face criminal charges.

Medical Director Requirements

So why does a Registered Nurse need a medical director if they are the one administering the Botox you may ask? Botox is a prescription medication. As a Registered Nurse does not have authority to prescribe, they need a Nurse Practitioner or Doctor to prescribe the medication and oversee their treatment plan.

Risks of Using Unregistered Nurses for Injections

What is the harm with being injected by someone who perhaps has been performing these injections for years but is not licensed as a Registered Nurse? One factor is the authenticity of the products. Where they are getting the products may be questionable as most doctors would not put their license on the line to allow an unlicensed person to inject. These products may be shipped from other countries over 10 days on dry ice so the stability cannot be certain (not to mention this is illegal as they are not FDA approved). Secondly, Nurses must take classes to understand the anatomy of the face and how to assess for adverse effects. Most of us by now have heard a crazy story of someone being injected by an uncredentialed person and suffering horrible side effects such as stroke, blindness, necrosis, infection and surgical intervention. Not worth it!

How to become a good injector?

It takes a while to become a good injector. If you are a Registered Nurse looking to break into the Aesthetics field read our blog on how to become an Aesthetic Injector. If you are a consumer looking for a good injector, do your research! You can verify their license on the AZBN website, check google reviews and follow them on social media for before and afters. Make sure Botox and fillers are something the injector does on a regular basis, seeing the initials CANS behind their name means they are board certified in injectables so it is their specialty.


The Arizona Board of Nursing (AZBN) opinion: https://www.azbn.gov/sites/default/files/2021-04/AO%20Medical%20Esthetic%20Procedures%20Performed%20by%20Licensed%20Nurses%203-2021.pdf

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