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If you’re curious about ‘Skinbetter Science,’ chances are you’re seeking effective skincare that marries decades of rigorous research with high-quality ingredients.

Skinbetter Science offers physicians, surgeons, nurses, aestheticians and consumers just that with a product line developed and sold for discerning consumers who prioritize anti-aging and skin health.

This article gives you an in-depth look at their innovative offerings, from the scientifically formulated AlphaRet Overnight Cream to the advanced Even Tone Correcting Serum.

Learn about their cutting-edge approach and how it could elevate your skincare regimen, all without any sales fluff – just straightforward insights.

The Pioneers of Skincare Science

Skinbetter Science has made significant strides in the realm of skincare science since its inception in 2016 by founders Jonah Shacknai, Justin Smith, and Seth Rodner. These founders have made strides in dermatology and even brought Dysport to the United States.

Joining forces with L’Oréal—one of the world’s most distinguished beauty companies for decades—in early 2022, Skinbetter Science continues to create advancements in solid skincare technology.

The brand offers a comprehensive selection of products sold with unique ingredients that cater to multiple skin concerns including anti-aging properties, fine lines and wrinkles, hydration, moisture needs, and sun defense to create lasting results with little to no irritation.

Their unwavering commitment is evidenced by their rigorous clinical trials and strong dermatological principles which ensure their consumers, physicians, surgeons, nurses and aestheticians have patients who receive effective visible skin rejuvenation from these scientifically-formulated products sold.

Authorized healthcare professionals and physicians within dermatology clinics, plastic surgery centers, and medical aesthetic offices distribute sold Skin better Science products—thanks to an extensive medical sales team dedicated for decades to placing these sold sophisticated skincare solutions in capable hands for client treatments.

Why Choose Skinbetter Science at DHH Med Spa

DHH Med Spa, celebrated for their mastery in the realm of skincare solutions, earnestly introduces its patrons to the offerings from Skinbetter Science.

Driven by dedication to the advancement of skincare science and achieving visible skin rejuvenation, DHH Med Spa acknowledges these products’ capacity for profound change.

With meticulous selection by the passionate team at DHH Med Spa, only those items with proven efficacy are chosen to be sold.

The pioneering methodologies behind Skin better Science products distinguish them in their field as agents of noticeable skin enhancement that imbue patients with a sense of confidence.

Skinbetter Science Product Range Overview

Skinbetter Science offers an extensive array of products specifically formulated to cater to various skincare requirements. Among the standout offerings sold are:

  • AlphaRet Overnight Cream – Significantly reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles in as little as four weeks, with little to no irritation.It provides AHA moisture to help counteract the dryness associated with traditional retinoid-based products and helps to soothe and calm skin.
  • Alto Advanced Defense and Repair Serum – The new gold standard in comprehensive antioxidant defense.Improves patient skin brightness, laxity and texture as a result of free radical damage from environmental and intrinsic stressors while supporting the skins natural renewal process.
  • NEW Trio Luxe Moisture Treatment – A proprietary triple action approach to moisturization that replenishes dull, dehydrated skin for a healthier-looking, glowy appearance.100% of patients from a dermatologist-lead study reported overall appearance improved, skin looked replenished, felt softer and more hydrated.
  • Mystro Active Balance Serum – Utilizes a proprietary blend of plant-based adaptogens purposefully developed to address and reduce signs of skin imbalance.These include redness, rough skin texture, dullness, dryness, wrinkles, enlarged pores and/or uneven pigmentation.
  • Even Tone Correcting Serum – A non-hydroquinone, non-retinol, unique ingredient, multi action skin tone corrector.It delivers a dramatic reduction in the appearance of hyperpigmentation, brown patches, sun damage and discoloration to create a more even skin tone.
  • Sunbetter Advanced Miner Protection Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Lotion – A broad spectrum creamy lotion that provides patients with high sun protection with a sheer or tone smart finish, no shaking required.It provides antioxidant free radical defense, skin soothing, skin hydration, skin barrier support and skin conditioning.Targeting a broad range of skin issues, skin better science products pledge to induce visible rejuvenation for your skin.

Proprietary Science: AlphaRet

Physicians and patients have historically had to choose between tolerability and efficacy within the sold retinoid category.

More tolerable sold retinoids have fewer side effects while more efficacious sold retinoids have a higher risk of side effects. Undesirable side effects from using a sold retinoid impact compliance and long-term results.

AlphaRet technology, a double-conjugated retinoid /alpha hydroxy acid molecule, achieves best-in-class product performance for retinoid ingredients with little to no irritation.

This eliminates the long-standing efficacy-tolerability tradeoff usually associated with using a retinoid.

AlphaRet Family Products

  • AlphaRet Overnight Cream
  • Intensive AlphaRet Overnight Cream
  • EyeMax AlphaRet Overnight Cream
  • AlphaRet Exfoliating Peel Pads
  • AlphaRet Clearing Serum

The Ground Breaking Difference For Visible Skin Rejuvenation

Patients will no longer be forced to choose between tolerability and efficacy of their sold retinoid product.

The novel, double-conjugated AlphaRet molecule enables novel performance characteristics delivering both efficacy and tolerability like never before.

Removing the roadblocks eliminates the need for tradeoff in retinoid products sold.

Unique Molecule Allows for Formulation Flexibility

Traditionally, sold retinoids can be very difficult to incorporate into robust formulations.

The unique construct of AlphaRet can be incorporated in formulations sold with additional skin supporting ingredients that address the specific needs of each patient, including peptides, hydrating, soothing ingredients, and additional AHA and BHA’s with little to no irritation.

Skinbetter Science masterfully combines potent ingredients including the unique ingredient retinoid combined with AHA within their sold products purposefully developed to foster visible improvements in skin rejuvenation without the commonly expected irritations from using such science-based ingredients.

The AlphaRet molecule is the foundation of a portfolio of products that have been developed for specific patient types and concerns. Retinoid combined with AHA = AlphaRet.

Breakthrough Delivery Technology – InterFuse

Highly efficacious cosmetic ingredients like hyaluronic acid and certain peptides are high molecular weight molecules that resist effective topical delivery in products.

Such ingredients then sit undelivered on the surface of the skin and are deprived of optimal efficacy and create build up on the skins surface.

The solution?

Targeted delivery of high-performance ingredients.

Skinbetter InterFuse Technology is purposefully developed to aid in the delivery of intact macro molecules to patients skin for targeted and visible results.

By utilizing a double trans-lipid system to delivers ingredients more efficiently it allows them to penetrate deeper into the skin to create optimized efficacy.

Hyaluronic acid binds water to the skin to optimally plump the skin and combat dryness, thus diminishing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Peptides possess skin-firming and neuron-calming properties to create a more lifted and contoured look while relaxing surface lines and wrinkles to create a smoother appearance.

InterFuse Family Products

  • InterFuse Treatment Cream FACE & NECK
  • InterFuse Intensive Treatment LINES
  • InterFuse Intensive Cream EYE

Success Stories and Testimonials

Individuals who have witnessed the benefits of Skinbetter Science products consistently praise their efficacy.

One user conveyed her experience with AlphaRet Overnight Cream, stating it considerably smoothed and enhanced her skin’s radiance with little to no irritation.

She was particularly impressed by its ability to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, leading to a more youthful appearance.

In another account, a customer extolled the virtues of the Even Tone Correcting Serum for its remarkable impact on their appearance by reducing hyperpigmentation, resulting in an even-toned complexion that glowed.

These testimonials are representative of numerous accolades celebrating the success and effectiveness of Skinbetter Science’s skincare offerings.


In the course of our investigation into Skinbetter Science’s offerings, we’ve explored their distinct approach to skincare science.

With a foundation laid down decades before by experts with deep commitment, Skinbetter Science has distinguished itself through groundbreaking products designed for various skin needs.

The main components found in these formulations are noteworthy, including Alpha Hydroxy Acid renowned for its exfoliating properties and potent retinoids that work together to foster visible skin rejuvenation—yielding results such as smoother, more hydrated and glowing skin.

Affirmations from satisfied users corroborate the efficacy of these science-backed creations.

The multitude of positive feedback highlights just how much Skinbetter Science stands at the forefront in delivering coveted healthy-looking skin.

Wrapping up this review, it’s apparent that those aiming either for targeted improvements or an overall enhancement in their appearance will find genuine solutions within Skinbetter Science’s range of sold products.

Promising a transformative experience towards visibly revitalized skin is what sets skin better science products and them apart—a testament to robust skincare science meshed with tangible outcomes for physicians, surgeons, nurses, aestheticians and non professional consumers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SkinBetter science medical grade?

Certainly, SkinBetter Science develops skincare products of medical grade quality.

Is SkinBetter a good line?

The skincare line SkinBetter has garnered high praise from both consumers and experts, noted for its effective outcomes that are verified by customer experiences.

Is SkinBetter owned by Loreal?

Indeed, L’Oréal is set to acquire SkinBetter, with the anticipated finalization of this acquisition occurring in the early part of 2022.

What makes Skinbetter Science products unique?

Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) and combined retinoids, key ingredients in Skinbetter Science products, are at the core of their innovative formulations.

These components allow for personalized skincare solutions tailored to address patients various skin types and concerns, distinguishing their offerings within the realm of science-based skincare.

How do Skinbetter Science products contribute to skin rejuvenation?

Skinbetter Science aids in rejuvenating the skin by improving its texture, diminishing hyperpigmentation, enhancing hydration levels, and lessening redness.

These contributions collectively foster a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing skin appearance.