Botox is on label for 20 units in the glabella (in between the eyes) and 24 units in the crow’s feet. Many people think that if they go lighter then it will look more natural…

Then come 6 weeks they think “wow I just metabolize this product quickly”.

Studies show that when participants were injected with a half dose of Botox (10 units in the glabella), it only lasted 6-8 weeks. I’ve had patients tell me it never even kicked in, which can happen too. So in the on-label areas used for Botox (crow’s feet and glabella) I usually am going to recommend the full dose recommended by the manufacturer, because if you did a half dose you are going to need to be injected again at 6-8 weeks if you want to keep up with it. Being injected too often with Botox is going to increase your resistance to the product and down the road you will need more and more product.

Talk about a slippery slope, not exactly what you were hoping for!

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