FDA-approved for both dermatological and general surgical applications.


Radio-Frequency & Microneedling treatment.

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What is Agnes Precision RF?

Agnes Precision RF: The Latest Advancement in Facial Sculpting and Symmetry

Agnes RF microneedling is an exciting development in the world of skincare and facial sculpting. Unlike traditional methods, which often involve surgery, Agnes RF uses radio frequency microneedling technology to sculpt the face, stop acne and breakouts, tighten the skin. The device has several micro insulated needles that leave patients with clear skin and a healthy, rejuvenated appearance. This procedure causes minimal discomfort and requires no invasive surgeries. Some patients only need a single treatment to rejuvenate their skin, however, two to three sessions may be necessary to achieve optimal results.

Originally developed by Dr. Ahn as a cure for acne. Agnes RF is a precision microneedling device that is currently being used off-label by physicians all over the world for a myriad of conditions including: lower eyelid rejuvenation, skin tightening, submental reduction, jawline sculpting, earlobe repair and many others.

Agnes RF is a unique non-surgical radiofrequency device that can sculpt the face, and deliver firmer, tighter, more youthful-looking skin. Agnes RF stimulates the production of collagen and elastin providing long-lasting and unmatched results.

What can Agnes RF do for you?

Agnes RF microneedling device is used for a wide range of dermatological and aesthetic treatments including:

  • Remove Jowling and tighten loose skin
  • Non-surgically lift the nose tip or lips
  • Banish your Double chin and remove excess or unwanted fat virtually anywhere
  • Eliminate acne and blackheads
  • Reduce nasolabial folds
  • Remove eye-bags non-surgically
  • Reduce enlarged pores

Agnes RF is indicated for use in dermatologic and general surgical procedures for electrocoagulation and hemostasis

Why Choose Agnes RF?

What is the difference between Agnes RF and other RF microneedling devices?

Agnes Precision RF is unlike other RF Microneedling devices in the market. The Agnes treatment is considered precision RF, so the individual performing the treatment has more flexibility in customizing the treatments. Our providers have over 2 weeks of advanced training on Agnes, whereas most providers only attend 1-2 days of basic training. We always strive to be the best in all treatments we provide.

What is the difference between Agnes RF other pre-existing acne treatments?

Other preexisting acne treatments (oral medicine, scaling, chemical peels, laser, etc.) only relieve the acne temporarily as they do not treat the direct cause. Agnes RF selectively destroys the sebaceous glands where acne germs reside. Once the sebaceous gland has been destroyed no acne can reoccur in that area.

Is Agnes RF safe for all skin types?

AGNES RF is a radio frequency microneedling device for any type of skin color. The Agnes has nine different types of the microneedle, and each type has the different insulation to use the procedure as safely as possible. Further, the output radiofrequency energy from Agnes \ is NOT like other traditional sine waveforms which can affect thermal damage to the soft tissue by the residual tale heat, but the square waveform of radiofrequency energy by Agnes can save the surrounding tissues from the residual tale heat like fast start and quick stop. Although Agnes RF treatment is safer in patients of skin color compared to the laser devices, any significant heat can result in increased risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or any adverse events at any time.

Agnes Precision RF Pricing

Agnes Precision RF for Upper Eyes$800
Agnes Precision RF for Nasolabial Folds$700
Agnes Precision RF for Lower Face (Jowls included)$1825
Agnes Precision RF for Hyperhidrosis (Excessive sweating)$1100
Agnes Lip Lift$675
Agnes Nose Lift$675
Agnes Precision RF for Eye Bags (Lower eyes)$1825
Agnes Precision RF for Ear Lobes/Fat transfer correction$800+
Agnes Precision RF for Buccal Fat/Submental (Double chin)$1225
Agnes Precision RF for Bra Fat/Banana Roll/Jowls$1625
Agnes Precision RF for Acne$600

Agnes RF Before & After Photos

Agnes RF Treatment Questions

Is Agnes RF treatment Painful?

You should feel little to no discomfort during the treatment as we numb the treatment area. We recommend you arrive 30 minutes prior to your appointment if you would like to receive topical numbing prior to being injected with lidocaine.

Are there any contraindications to treatment?

As with any RF device, implanted metal devices in the body should be discussed prior to treatment with your provider. Depending on the size of the implant, the provider will determine if you are a candidate or not. Pregnancy would also be a contraindication and allergies to numbing agents should also be discussed with your provider.

What is Agnes RF recovery time?

As soon as your treatment is complete you should be free to resume your normal daily activities. There is minimal to no downtime with an Agnes RF treatment. For 24 hours after your treatment our office requires that you wear a duoderm dressing over the treatment area to prevent the risk of infection.

How many Agnes RF treatments are required?

As with many treatments, client baseline and goals may affect the number of treatments necessary. We always recommend coming in for a free consultation prior to receiving any treatments so that your provider can develop a treatment plan that meets your goals and budget. In general when treating for lifting or fat dissolving, improvement can be seen with the first treatment but two to three treatments may be needed to achieve optimum results. Results can be seen immediately however shortly after swelling can kick in. Results continue to improve up until four months. When treating acne four sessions are generally recommended, spaced one month apart.