In the aesthetic injector world we have been patiently awaiting this filler that has been used in other parts of the world already. One of the most famous injectors, Julie Horne, swears this is the perfect lip filler to create her signature keyhole pout. So, now that I’ve got you excited about it, lets talk about the science.

Kysse is the first FDA approved lip filler with XpresHAn technology. This is exciting because this technology moves with you for a more natural look. XpresHAn technology is currently used in Restylane Refyne and Defyne already, however they are not FDA approved for the lips. Another question I frequently receive about dermal fillers is “how long does it last?” In the studies 78% of participants were still satisfied with their results at one year! That’s incredible for a lip filler, as the lips are very mobile and usually that is not an area that we get much longevity with in regards to dermal filler. Another exciting fact that was discovered during the study was that less product was needed to achieve optimal results verses another leading filler. Another interesting point they studied on Kysse was partner satisfaction. A common reason someone may be hesitant to get lip filler is because their partner does not want them to. This product is softer and more natural and although we cannot say your partner will not notice, perhaps they won’t be so against it. At this point there are many great dermal filler products on the market. Our advice is to pick a good injector, that is much more important than the product itself. A good injector will be able to tell you what the best product(s) are for you. Follow us on social media to see before and afters of Kysse, along with other products.

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