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Why does my neck & Décolletage look older than my face?

There can be a variety of reasons why your neck & Décolletagelooks older than your face. Did you not apply sunscreen on your neck & Décolletage and sun damage is now set in? Do you spend countless hours on your computer resulting in “tech neck” lines? Is it genetic? Did your mother and her mother always have aged appearances in those areas? One factor that has been clinically studied is that as we age less oxygen gets to the neck, resulting in aging. Skinbetter Science Techno neck cream has been shown to bring more oxygen to the neck resulting in less aging.

What can be done for wrinkles and lines in the Neck & Décolletage?

A variety of treatments can be for this delicate skin are. First a consultation in our Scottsdale office is always recommended to determine if you are a candidate for non invasive procedures or perhaps if surgical procedures are a better option. Skin laxity should be assessed and if there is too much excess skin a referral for surgery may be deemed the best option. If the patient has a little loose skin and neck wrinkles some options that may be recommended include Ultherapy, Agnes RF, Microneedling RF (Pixel 8), chemical peels, dermal fillers, Sculptra, Botox or threads.

Can Injectable Dermal fillers help my neck lines and wrinkles?

Hyaluronic acid injectable dermal fillers are a great option for neck lines. Neck skin can be thin therefore it is important that your injector is experienced treating this area and understands the rheology of various hyaluronic acid fillers in order to chose a filler that is right for the neck area.

Can Sculptra help my neck lines and wrinkles?

Sculptra is an amazing product to stimulate collagen and elastin production and is the most common injectable we use in the neck in our Scottsdale office. Although Sculptra may take 2-3 neck treatments, it helps sagging skin, can reduce fine lines, improves skin texture and skin tone, tightens skin, reduces crepey skin and more! Sculptra is a great option for décolletage treatment as well.

What can be done for crepey skin in the neck?

In our Scottsdale office we recommend a combination of treatments to increase collagen and elastin production in neck skin. It is always important to have a good skin care regime at home. We recommend Skinbetter Science Techno Neck cream for at home skin quality improvement. In office Sculptra and Ultherapy are great options for both the neck and chest area to improve crepey skin.

What non-surgical options are there for a neck lift?

As with any procedure, your medical provider should assess the degree in which there is loose skin to determine if you are a good candidate for a non-surgical procedure. If there is too much skin laxity a good medical provider will refer you for surgical procedures. Options for non-surgical neck lift include Ultherapy which is still the gold standard for non-surgical lifting and tightening after over 10 years of tried and true results. Agnes RF is also an option for both dissolving fat and tightening lose skin. If neck fat is a concern, we like to ultrasound the area at our consultation and see if we need to dissolve fat or if we can just tighten. If the amount of neck fat is significant we may refer for neck liposuction.

What can be done to treat a double chin?

Surgically, sometimes neck liposuction and a neck lift are a good option. For non invasive options we offer Kybella (deoxycholic acid) or mesotherapy for fat dissolving injections as well as Agnes RF which uses a heat energy to dissolve fat cells. We have also had some clients who think they need fat dissolving but when we ultrasound them we find that it is actually laxity and we can go right to Ultherapy for tightening! With Kybella there can be significant recovery time due to significant swelling for the following weeks after treatment. When it comes to the chin area if we can avoid Kybella treatment we prefer to due to the downtime/swelling.

What is radiofrequency for the neck?

In our Scottsdale office we have 2 radiofrequency energy devices, Pixel 8 and Agnes RF that can improve the skin on your neck. First Pixel 8 is a microneedling RF device. Most people have heard of some type of microneedling RF device, made popular by the Kardashians this device is similar to laser therapy in that is it a heat energy. As many as 64 needles puncture the skin at the same time causing a controlled injury with blood flow rushing to the area. The end result is new collagen with skin tightening, improvement in texture and tone. Agnes RF is also a heat energy but it is Precision RF so not as many needles are used and results in a more precise treatment. It is great for under the chin for dissolving fat but we love this treatment for a variety of other areas too as it can really improve a jawline and give the appearance of a facelift.

Should I consider a PDO threadlift for the neck?

In our Scottsdale office we have performed this treatment for since 2017 and have been training other injectors in PDO threadlifts for years. Although this treatment is temporary, we feel it actually yields better results in the neck in many cases as compared to the face as there is generally less volume to lift. Of course other factors must be considered, but PDO threadlifts are often best when used in combination with other treatments such as fillers to restore lost volume when lost volume is also a concern below the chin.

What is the Nefretiti Lift treatment?

The Nefretiti Lift is a series of injections with Botox in the lower face and neck muscles to lift skin in the jawline. This can minimize fine lines and wrinkles if the technique is combined with superficial microtox skin injections however the main purpose is to relax the muscles that pull down the jowls and lower face resulting in more jawline definition and less sagging skin. The Nefretiti neck lift is a great option when used in combination with other treatment options generally.

Does red light therapy help neck wrinkles?

There is not a lot of good data out there about red light therapy for neck treatments. Many believers in this therapy will tout all kinds of benefits including an increase in collagen production however we fill there are many other medical grade treatments and products that are more worth spending your money on to boost collagen production such as Sculptra Aesthetic.

What can be done to reverse sun damage in the Neck & Décolletage?

Chemical peels are a great option to reverse sun damage following years of excessive sun exposure to the skin. The unicorn facial in our Scottsdale office is actually the equivalent of 3 TCA peels in one without the downtime of a traditional chemical peel. The unicorn facial is a
décolletage treatment we swear by.

What can be done in younger patients to maintain the youthful appearance on the skin on your neck and décolletage area?

Most skincare experts will agree that what you do at home for the neck and body skin is more important than the treatments you do in office to maintain natural looking results. Delicate areas such as the neck and décolletage area are susceptible to environmental factors and uv exposure. It is incredibly important in order to maintain a youthful appearance to protect the skin with a quality SPF such as Skinbetter Science sheer SPF 70. This treatment will protect the skin from sun damage and age spots and should be a part of everyone’s skincare routine to prevent premature ageing.

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