Emsculpt uses high intensity focused electromagnetic technology to induce muscle contractions. Emsculpt builds muscle mass and burns fat simultaneously. It recently came to market about a year ago and although some of the before and after pictures look impressive I was a little skeptical when I saw the actual study results. It has only a 16% increase in muscle mass, requires 3-5 treatments initially and then 1 treatment every 3 months. The price tag is about $3000 up front and then $500 every 3 months. This device also does not address cellulite if that is a concern. The upside is that it is non-invasive and short term- if say you did not like the results (of course I would think this would be a non- issue). It should be pretty safe as there are no incisions or invasive procedures being performed, however as with any new device proceed with caution- or let a friend try it first!


Sculptra is Poly-lactic acid- a collagen stimulant. Sculptra was first FDA approved in 2004 for facial lipoatrophy in HIV patients. Sculptra can take up to 3 treatments spaced 1-3 months apart. The results are customizable so if you are looking for a significant change it can be achieved with this product- if you have the pockets for it. Our office charges $750 per vial of Sculptra and 4-10 vials per treatment may be necessary for butt lifts. If the only concern is cellulite and you are not looking for a butt lift 1-2 vials may do the trick. Sculptra clinical trials ended at 25 months so the company is not allowed to say it lasts any longer but it is believed to last closer to the 3-4 year mark. Sculptra has been around for a long time however it is a product used only by more advanced injectors so make sure to pick someone who has been properly trained on it. As with any injectable products there are risks of side effects ranging from lumps and bumps to vascular occlusion.

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