Fall is here and although it may not feel like it yet in Arizona it is time to switch to your winter skincare regime! “Why not stick with what is working?” you may ask. For one thing the air is changing, and with less humidity comes skin begging for hydration. Dry skin left untreated can impair barrier function and lead to all kinds of health issues that go more than skin deep. There is no point in going that route when there are a few simple swaps you can make.

  1. Switch to a cleansing oil and creamy cleanser. Double cleansing is very popular right now, for good reason. Double cleansing enhances the ability to remove dirty and grime, leaving skin clean and less prone to impurities.
  2. Use a hydrating serum or mix one in with your current serum. Most serums can be “cocktailed”, which means they can be mixed together to receive the benefits from both products. A serum with a hyaluronic acid will leave skin plumped, dewy and hydrated.
  3. Consider a more intense moisturizer at night. As mentioned before you skin will be begging for extra moisture, and what better time to multi-task then while catching some ZZZsss.

If you are not sure what products might be best for you we offer free consultations on skin care needs. Also, don’t forget to apply your sunscreen! Just because it isn’t 120 degrees anymore doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of rays out there ready to damage your skin! We love the hydrator plus sunscreen by PCA skin. This 2 in 1 product hydrates and protects!

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