Medical weight loss should look at the individual person and why they are gaining weight. Is it hormone imbalance, stress, pre-diabetes or just poor eating habits? I hear stories all the time from women who are eating under 1200 calories and just not losing weight. There tends to be two main reasons why they are not losing weight. Number one: your body is holding on to every calorie you eat because it thinks it is being starved! Number two: hormones! Patients with this stories often have all the symptoms of hormone imbalance such as fatigue, loss of libido, mood swings, night sweats etc. If I think someone has the symptoms of hormone imbalance, why not check it? So many people want the quick fix, but the weight didn’t just show up overnight right? We can usually work on getting some weight off in the short term while balancing hormones, which can take a few months to regulate.

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