Has clear, radiant skin always felt like an elusive dream? What if we told you that achieving this dream is very much within your reach? The Face Reality Acne Boot Camp, a comprehensive program designed to combat all types of acne, might just be your ticket to clear skin. Combining in-office treatments at DHH Med Spa in Scottsdale, a customized home care regimen, and lifestyle changes, this program offers a path to visible results within 3-6 months.

Key Takeaways

  • Transform your skin with the Face Reality Acne Boot Camp: personalized treatments, acne-safe products and lifestyle adjustments for clear skin success.
  • Invest in 3 months of biweekly treatments to experience significant improvement and mostly completely clear skin!
  • Commit to a post treatment skincare routine & enjoy improved mental well being, alongside radiantly healthy looking skin.
Face reality acne bootcamp before and after results

Understanding the Face Reality Acne Boot Camp

The Face Reality Acne Boot Camp is a comprehensive 3-6 month acne program you can step into. This program is meticulously designed to treat all types of acne, from mild to severe, including:

  • inflamed acne
  • cystic acne
  • hormonal acne
  • back acne

Some of the acne program features include personalized treatment plans and ongoing support to ensure the best possible results.

But what’s the secret to the program’s success? Commitment is key. Following the treatment plan prescribed by the acne specialist and using acne-safe products as part of your home care regimen are key steps to clear skin.

A certified acne specialist personalizes each client’s skincare regimen using Face Reality products, which are carefully designed for acneic skin. These prescribed acne safe products, combined with the specialist’s guidance, help you achieve clear and healthy skin. But it’s not just about in-office treatments and home care products. The program also empowers clients to make positive lifestyle adjustments. By eliminating pore-clogging ingredients and enhancing their home care regimen, clients can achieve successful treatment outcomes.

Work closely with a knowledgeable professional for optimal results.

Customizing Your In-Office Acne Treatments

Personalized in-office acne treatments, including enzyme treatments, chemical peels, extractions, and LED therapy, are provided to combat acne effectively. These treatments help assess and monitor your progress, adapt your home care regimen, promote skin exfoliation, and extract ready acne impactions. All these steps contribute to clear, radiant skin.

But what if you have dry or easily irritated skin? Don’t worry, Face Reality Acne Boot Camp has got you covered! For clients with sensitive skin, the program offers an alternative treatment option: the enzyme/steam with extractions. This treatment is gentle on your skin while effectively addressing acne. A skin sensitivity test can be performed to ensure the treatment is suitable for your skin type.

Customized products for your best skin ever!

Crafting Your Personal Home Care Regimen

Creating a personalized home care regimen is a significant part of the acne treatment process. The regimen is tailored considering factors such as:

  • your type of acne
  • acne-prone skin type
  • skin color
  • skin sensitivity
  • environment

This ensures the best possible outcome for your skin. The initial 4-week home care regimen includes a personalized set of specifically formulated acne products designed for your skin type and acne needs. This is a great opportunity to kickstart your journey to clearer, healthier skin.

Modifying the home care regimen can contribute to better results. These changes help prevent your skin from adapting to the acne remedy products, leading to continued progress. They also help avoid potential dryness and irritation from an overly strong regimen. All of these adjustments contribute to achieving better outcomes.

After the initial 4-week regimen, it’s time to step up your home care regimen. Making adjustments every two weeks helps keep your skin looking its best and prevents it from getting used to the products. During this time, you should also attend your bi-weekly acne treatment sessions for optimal results.

Achieving Significant Improvement with Bi-Weekly Treatments

Bi-weekly treatments are central to your clear skin journey, as they track your progress, adjust your home care routine, and ensure outstanding results within 3-6 months. You can expect to see significant results within six-eight weeks. With dedication to six treatments over a three-month period, you can achieve mostly completely clear skin.

Returning clients enrolled in the Acne Boot Camp can look forward to subsequent boot camp treatments. These include:

  • A rejuvenating double cleanse
  • An invigorating enzyme treatment or an acne peel
  • Expert extractions
  • The revitalizing benefits of high frequency and/or LED treatments.
Face reality laser treatment

Advanced Techniques in Acne Management

The Face Reality Acne Boot Camp utilizes advanced acne management techniques, including the use of acne meds. These techniques involve new prescription topical formulations, drainage and extraction procedures, and a variety of treatment options such as topical medications, chemical peels, and energy-based devices. Corrective peels are a powerful tool for transforming your skin. They use exfoliative agents to regenerate healthy skin, combat acne, reduce fine wrinkles, and even out skin tones. They work tirelessly to kill acne-causing bacteria, eliminate excess oil, and incorporate treatments like benzoyl peroxide and azelaic acid.

Certified acne experts tailor these advanced acne management techniques. By carefully evaluating each client’s skincare needs and customizing treatments accordingly, they can employ techniques such as targeted skincare products, specialized facials, chemical peels, LED light and high frequency therapies to achieve the best possible results. However, when undergoing corrective peels and extractions, it’s important to be aware of possible side effects such as the emergence of pimples, blackheads, blemishes, as well as redness, inflammation, flaking, and itching of the treated area.

Face Reality: Acne Bootcamp real world result.

Navigating Treatment Costs and Expectations

The initial consultation and treatment at Face Reality Acne Boot Camp typically costs between $150-$200. This may seem like a significant investment, but it’s a small price to pay for the first step towards achieving clear, radiant skin. In addition to the consultation and treatment costs, the initial purchase of Face Reality’s acne-safe home care products typically ranges from $150 to $200. Considering the long-term benefits these products offer for your skin, it’s a worthwhile investment.

The bi-weekly treatments during the Face Reality Acne Boot Camp depends on which program you sign up for ($400-800). Although this might sound like a lot, considering the value you get from these treatments and the visible results they yield, it’s an incredible value.

Preparing for Your First Acne Treatment

The initial consultation is a pivotal first step in your clear skin journey. It helps determine your acne type, identify lifestyle factors contributing to acne, and create a personalized treatment plan. During the consultation, an Acne Specialist conducts:

  • A visual and palpation skin analysis
  • Determines your acne type and grade
  • Reviews factors that may cause breakouts
  • Educates you about checking skincare product ingredients
  • Explains acne formation and the Face Reality system’s approach

The first professional acne treatment may include:

  • Cleansing
  • Exfoliation
  • Extractions
  • Customized acne products
  • LED light therapy
  • Personalized instruction on using the recommended products
  • Taking preliminary pictures for progress tracking

It’s a transformative experience that sets the foundation for your journey to clear skin.

Maintaining Clear Skin Post-Treatment

Post-treatment maintenance is vital for maintaining clear skin. Many providers offer monthly maintenance programs to support clients in their journey to lasting acne-free skin. The recommended post-treatment skincare routines involve personalized morning and evening routines tailored to your skin type, acne type, and severity. Consistency is key in maintaining clear, radiant skin.

You can make a real difference in your skin maintenance by embracing a balanced diet, steering clear of simple carbohydrates, staying hydrated, adding green tea to your routine, and making regular cleansing and moisturizing a priority. All these lifestyle changes contribute to maintaining clear skin.

Proper skin maintenance after acne treatment ensures:

  • Clear pores
  • Prevention of breakouts from returning
  • Reduced risk of scarring or infection
  • Avoidance of excess sebum production
  • Prevention of potential psychological effects such as depression and anxiety

So, it’s time to prioritize your skin’s well-being and maintain a healthy, radiant complexion.


In conclusion, the Face Reality Acne Boot Camp offers a comprehensive and personalized approach to tackling acne. From in-office treatments at DHH Med Spa, to home care regimens and lifestyle changes, this program sets you on a path to clear, radiant skin. While the journey might require commitment and effort, the results are truly transformative. So, are you ready to say goodbye to acne and hello to clear, flawless skin?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is face reality skincare trustworthy?

Face Reality Skincare has been proven to be effective in treating acne, with a clear skin success rate of over 90%. Its certified experts at Art of Skin Care have used Face Reality products for more than 15 years, making it a reliable and trusted choice.

How long does it take for face reality to work?

It typically takes about three to four months for the Face Reality Acne Clinic’s clear-skin system to take full effect, but participants can start to see improvements within the first few treatments . Customized clinical-grade products, combined with bi-monthly treatments, will get your acne under control in no time.

What is the success rate of face reality?

Face Reality has an impressive 90% success rate in treating acne thanks to their combination of in-office treatments and at-home regimens. Make the change today for beautiful, healthy skin!

Is face reality medical grade skincare?

Face Reality Skincare is medical grade and scientifically proven in the treatment of acne, making it a reliable choice for healthier skin.

What is the acne bootcamp?

The Face Reality Acne Bootcamp is a customizable 3-6 month program that provides acne sufferers an affordable and safe way to achieve clear skin. It combines education, lifestyle changes, and support to help participants stay clear long term. Your acne specialist will customize a routine and home care regimen to get you the best skin of your life!

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