Just as diamonds are a girl’s best friend our esti is going to be your bestie after this knock out treatment from DHH Med Spa Scottsdale! DiamondGlow is a triple threat-exfoliating extracting and infusing all in one!

During your first visit at DHH Med Spa Scottsdale, we will create an individualized treatment plan based on your specific skin concerns, starting with the exfoliation process. The diamond tip used for this procedure exfoliates and removes dry and damaged skin cells and can be adjusted depending on your skin type. If you have sensitive skin, a less abrasive tip will be used; whereas if you have thicker skin, a more abrasive tip will be used. While exfoliation is occurring, the vacuum suction can be adjusted to suction out dirt, debris, and even those stubborn little black heads we all wish we could banish. For those of you who love to see the aftermath of the extractions, you can view your waste jar at the end of the treatment. For those of us in the aesthetics industry, the waste jar is a satisfying result!

DiamondGlow offers a variety of medical grade serums that treat various skin concerns. If you are a local Arizonian, living in such a arid climate can leave your skin dry. The SkinMedica Ultra-Hydrating serum used with the DiamondGlow will replenish the moisture your skin desperately needs with the help of Hyaluronic Acid. If you struggle with acne, the SkinMedica Pore Clarifying serum infused with salicylic acid treats oily skin and helps break down materials that clog pores and cause acne. My personal favorite, the SkinMedica Vitamin C serum, has many benefits such as encouraging new collagen growth, brightening, and addressing dark spots. The SkinMedica Skin Brightening serum also addresses hyperpigmentation as well as dull skin and leaves your skin looking glowy as can be! Aged and mature skin will benefit from SkinMedica’s signature TNS Advanced serum which targets coarse wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin. If you have more than one concern, DiamondGlow allows up to two serums to be used per treatment so you aren’t limited in reaching your skincare goals!

In order to further boost your results we recommend pairing The DiamondGlow with one or more of our signature services. Dermaplaning will give your skin another form of exfoliation by removing dead skin cells and peach fuzz, leaving your skin feeling soft and allowing for flawless makeup application. This pre-treatment exfoliation will also allow the DiamondGlow serum to penetrate deeper. Post-treatment you can add on a jelly mask to enhance your skin with extra hydration and next-level softness! Jelly masks are available to take home as well for your next ladies night in or whenever you need a little skin boost.

Now let’s get back to the treatment. DiamondGlow has a lot of the same benefits as a chemical peel without any of the downtime. You may experience a little bit of redness afterwards, however, this typically subsides within a few hours. Results can be noticed immediately following a treatment and will continue to improve for the next one to two weeks. This treatment can be received monthly and for maximum results, it is best to adopt a medical grade at-home skincare regimen. Skincare results are approximately 25% from in the office and 75% at home, so it is quite important to invest in quality skin care products in order to reach your skincare goals. So what do you say? Treat yourself to a DiamondGlow from DHH Med Spa Scottsdale facial to kickstart your skincare journey and invest in yourself- your skin will thank you!

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