I always have a consultation with my clients to discuss their beauty goals. What may bother one person may not be a concern to another. For me, one of my favorite treatments is the Aquagold micro channeling treatment. This treatment is what I call your “red carpet ready treatment”. Aquagold is completely customizable and will leave your skin glowing and ready for a big event. Aquagold also has very little downtime as most people just look a little pink the day of treatment. Results are noticeable within 24 hours and continue to improve over the next few weeks to months. Aquagold delivers products such as platelet rich plasma (PRP), fillers, botox, saline, stem cells, and vitamins. Which products are used are decided upon between the client and healthcare provider. If you have heard of the benefits of microneedling (aka collagen induction therapy) such as reduction of fine lines and scars, improvement of pigment issues, skin tightening and pore shrinkage the benefits are the same and even better- all without the downtime. And if you are someone struggling with enlarged pores then this treatment is definitely for you.

Why? We can actually add microdroplets of Botox to target and shrink those pores. What other treatment can do that?

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