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Do you want to keep your skin looking consistently great? The DHH Med Spa fan club in Scottsdale can do just that at an affordable rate. The perks on almost every service make it easy, convenient and affordable.

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Glow Membership


Treatment Options (1/month)

-Diamond Glow Facial

-IV Therapy

-Dermaplane & Mask w/ Signature Add On

-Chemical Peel- Sensi

  • Additional Discounts

    -5% off full price skincare products (Active Memberships)

Glow Plus Membership


Treatment Options (1/month)

  • Diamond Glow Facial w/ TNS

  • IV Therapy + B12 shot

  • Dermaplane + Mask w/ Signature Add on + B12/MIC shot

  • Chemical Peel-Ultra + B12/MIC shot

    Additional Discounts

    • 10% off full price skincare products (Active Memberships)

    • $1 off/unit for all Tox ($.33 off/unit for Dysport)

    • $50 off every syringe/vial

    • 10% off Emsculpt series

    • 10% off additional B12/MIC shots**-**

      May gift facials/iv therapy to a friend if unable to use or rollover. 90 day minimum. 30 day written cancellation. May freeze once per year for a max of 3 months after 90 day minimum. $75 re-enrollment fee.

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